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Hardcore dubstep binge

2011-10-01 16:57:26 by isub

I'm taking some time to indulge in dubstep <3.


2011-08-25 17:58:17 by isub

Everything is getting better, making decent music feels great! Had a blast making my latest song, not time to take a shot at drum and bass... Real drum and bass :P.


2011-07-21 19:42:28 by isub

Getting used to reason with a dual screen setup, great program, I'm considering just using it as a plug in for FL

zero bombs

2011-06-30 17:51:24 by isub

idk why but it seems people enjoy voting 0 on every song, it's pretty frusterating, it's hard to get heard...

Digging the house/trance stuff

2011-06-30 11:15:31 by isub

Recently artists on newgrounds have been getting much better with their productions, rather than selling their music, they're posting it on newgrounds, I love it... House/Trance is probably the most excuisitly produced music on here right now, I am really digging it :3.

Fresh start

2011-05-18 15:28:32 by isub

It's a TOTALLY fresh start, let's give it a go.